A Russian vet sentenced to 8.5 years for helping animals! We are asking everybody to help!


Alexander Shpak, a professional vet, was sentenced to 8,5 years for selling ketamine, an anaesthetic used in veterinary medicine in Russia. Being the only effective and affordable drug, ketamine was listed as “restricted” by the State Drug Use Control of Russia. An officially allowed drug is a way more expensive and only temporarily paralizes an animal, but does not kill the pain. Thus the animal is suffering from unbearable pain being awake while being operated. In order to help animals Russian vets have to break the law and use ketamine.
Shpak was caught when he sold 2 vials of ketamine to his colleage who called Alexander and requested the drug for an upcoming surgery. This colleage appeared to be an agent of the State Drug Use Control and provoked Alexander to break the law knowing that the vet would not ignore this request. Alexander Shpak was arrested and sentenced to 8.5 years, a sentence, which is hardly given even to murderers in Russia. 
Shpak has always wanted to be a vet, he was one of the best students and professors have always set him as an example for his school mates. His love and care for animals resulted in his imprisonement. Jornalists, vets and all the people who were touched by this story are now trying to protest, collect the signatures, organize conferences to help Alexander Shpak, but nothing has been changed yet. I ask you to help Alexander and protect all animals from pain. One of the ways to to that is to follow the link http://democrator.ru/problem/6768. To sign a petition click the +1 at the top of the page, fill in the blankImage

 For Russian speakers you can visit http://vk.com/pomozhem_sane for more information. Thank you!